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First Time Users: Log in for the first time by finding your name on the "Classmate & Other Profiles" link on the GOLD COLUMN or by clicking "Join Here" at the log-in box on the Home Page. Passwords are completely private. Not even the class administrator knows them. 

For classmates who share an e-mail, both of you can use the same e-mail but should create a unique password to access your individual classmate profile. 

If you have previously logged in but have forgotten your password. On the login/password box, enter the e-mail you used most recently to sign in. Then click the FORGOT PASSWORD link. The system will send you a password reset link. 

If you have previously logged in but can't remember your e-mail.  Click "contact us" on the Gold Column, and one of the administrators will be able to help, usually within 24 hours (or so). 

If you have previously logged in but have a new e-mail. Log in using the old e-mail. Once you are logged in, go to MEMBER FUNCTIONS. Choose Edit Contact Info. Change to your new e-mail. If you can't figure it out, contact us so one of the administrators can help you. 

The GOLD COLUMN is the column at the left of nearly every page that contains links to pages on this site, as well as Member Functions. 

This site is fairly self-explanatory. Under "Edit Profile" (available after you log in) on the GOLD COLUMN under MEMBER FUNCTIONS, you can determine how much information is available to our classmates. For the privacy and security of our classmates, the current settings on this site enable only logged-in classmates (active) to see class photos and most of the content on this site. Only a few pages are available to the general public, including the Home Page and this page.

Photos: You can upload photos to your own profile, as you wish. The web hosting company automatically resizes photos but extremely large photos may take longer to resize than smaller ones. If you have trouble uploading photos, you may need to upgrade your current version of Internet Explorer or use another browser, such as Google Chrome. If you don't choose to add photos, your yearbook photo will be the default. A then-now photo and a master photo are options you can choose. They can be edited or deleted as you choose. 

E-mails: You can exchange e-mails with classmates through this site without revealing your actual e-mail address. You can only exchange e-mails with other active classmates (those who have logged in). 

Classmates Profiles: As you browse the Classmate Profile names, you'll see more classmates than those in the PurGold. A surprising number of classmates were not included in the yearbook! Other names are those from the class of 1968 who graduated with us for any number of reasons. A few names are those who had to delay their graduation to 1970. Others went to school with us for many years but moved away or dropped out -- but they are all hornets at heart and are included in this site.

The Latest Buzz: This link shows the most recent In Memory comments, current birthday greetings, and posts made on profiles (including teacher profiles). This link can be used by and viewed by logged-in classmates only. There is currently no notification setting for The Latest Buzz, so check in often to see what's buzzing in the hornets' nest. 

In Memory: Be sure to visit the In Memory page. There is a link where you can provide information about the death of a classmate or share memories of him or her.

Private Messages Between Classmates: You can send a private message to any logged-in classmate. Neither your e-mail nor that of the person you are messaging will be shown. If you want any communication between you and another classmate to be private, send that person a personal message using the link at the top of every profile page that says, "Send ______ a private message." When someone sends you a message, you will receive an e-mail notification. You can also see sent/received/archived messages at the Message Center under Member Functions.

Guest Members: Staff/teachers, elementary and junior high schools are listed as Guest Members under Classmates, Staff & More.  Although this site may be of interest to siblings, spouses, children and friends of our classmates, non-classmates will not be added as guest members. This preserves the integrity of this site and the privacy of our classmates.  

This web platform only allows for Classmate Profiles and Guest Members. So, that's why schools, staff and BONUS are under Guest Members. It's the only interactive place they can be put. (Yes, I tried to get the web company to change. No luck so far.)

BONUS links are under Guest Members. These are primarily topics of interest that are non-school related: Adventures, Dances, Cars/Trucks/Bikes, Bands, Shops & Stops, and others. You can post photos, make comments and read comments made by other classmates. 

The Vault is where memorabilia treasures can be found ... documents and photos from high school, junior high school and even grade school. This is a work in progress and will be added to regularly. The link is on the GOLD COLUMN.

Work in Progress: More content will be added as we grow.  The addition of photos of the faculty and staff has been completed but more information about each individual will be added, a little at a time, as we learn of it. Grade school photos that we have received have also been added to the Profiles page. Others will be added as classmates submit them. If you have comments or suggestions, click "Contact Us" on the GOLD COLUMN.

Donations: Donations are always welcome (and needed) to support this site. Even a small amount from lots of classmates adds up! A "hive five" and thank you to all of you who have already donated. See the link at the top right of the Home Page to contribute and the Hive Fives! link at the left on the GOLD COLUMN for the names of those who have chipped in. Please send an e-mail using the Contact Us link if you wish your contribution to be anonymous. Donations are not tax deductible.

Links of Interest: "Hornet Links" on the GOLD COLUMN includes our Facebook group page (for our class only). 

If you have questions or comments, please click "contact us" on the GOLD COLUMN.

Please spread the word and invite other classmates to join us on this site!